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Interactive promotions with voice, image and sounds

Speak-A-Message enables exciting new possibilities to communicate with your fans especially on Facebook! Because with Speak-A-Message you can

  1. create voice messages,
  2. attach a photo
  3. dub it with sound effects and music, and
  4. automatically upload it to Facebook.

This multi layered communication is most suitable for interactive promotions with your fans.

Your own Speak-A-Message Edition!

Your own Edition of Speak-A-Message is made of your brand attributes and your fans will be able to see, hear and use them:

  1. your logo or product as Default Skin (default design of the player)
  2. further brand symbols als Skins ,
  3. your jingle or brand typical noises as Sounds,
  4. Music from e.g. your TV commercial,
  5. your brand name integrated in the player as automatic upload mechanism brings traffic to your Facebook page or website:

Your own edition is free of charge except for a one time set-up fee! Please contact us at sales{__@_REMOVE_THIS_PART_@__}speak-a-message.com.

Use Speak-A-Message free of charge

If you do not want your own edition, you and your fans can use Speak-A-Message for free! Just paste this URL on your Facebook page or web site and invite your fans:

  1. Direct download
  2. Download from Speak-A-Message.com

Promotion examples:

Speak-A-Message enables a variety of interactive and creative promotion activities between you and your fans:

  1. your fans talk about your product for you
  2. audio-casting for your new radio or TV commercial
  3. sing your jingle (with karaoke track)
  4. record and upload typical sounds of your products and upload them
  5. tell stories and share experiences about your product
  6. congratulate to a product anniversary
  7. etc

Speak-A-Message...be vocal!