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Create skin

To create a new skin, follow the two steps shown below. The first step launches our web-based Skin Creator in your default web browser. You can provide a foto or image to the Skin Creator and then transform it into a skin.

Create your own skin

When you are finished, the skin you created can be attached to your messages immediately. Public skins can also be downloaded from our web site at any time. If you want to create a private skin, we recommend that you access this web page from the Speak-A-Message application when you record a new voice message (Click the REC button, then click Select image (skin), then click Create new skin).


Launches the web-based skin creator in your browser. Requires Java, which is preinstalled on most computers or can be downloaded here.

Selects the skin you just created and attaches it to the voice message you are recording. In most cases, this will happen automatically.